BRIEF: I was asked to devise and execute a brand identity for the recruitment team at Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam. The execution needed to stand out on busy platforms like Instagram, and to be flexible enough to allow for a variety of specific posts.

SOLUTION: I devised, pitched and eventually created a bright and bold branding system that works as both a logo, a pattern and as a framing device. This branding takes the + from W+K and uses it to create an intersection where the right person finds the right job. The branding is bright and eye-catching, but not overly elaborate - I wanted to make sure that it felt very human, as recruitment can sometimes feel quite cold and robotic when you’re the one applying for the job. The + plays out nicely across the Instagram grid too - initially appearing as a framing device for individual posts, which then combine a pattern across the grid itself.

I also created a series of assets for the Instagram account but I won’t spoil all of those for you. Just make sure you keep an eye on the account itself - @WKtalent.

This project was executed during my time at Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam as part of The Kennedys.
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